Our Mission

At Tom's Retreat Veterans Foundation, a Non-Profit Organization, our mission is to generate awareness and show appreciation for one of America’s most unsung groups of patriots — Vietnam War veterans. Our founder, Thomas Sherwod, is a Vietnam War veteran who knows firsthand how poorly his fellow soldiers were treated when they returned home to the nation they risked their lives for.

Of the 2,709,918 soldiers who served in the Vietnam War from 1954 to 1975, 58,220 never came home. Of the 2,651,698 soldiers who survived, 304,000 were wounded in combat and about 75,000 were seriously disabled as a result of their injuries. Today, less than 850,000 Vietnam War vets are estimated to be alive — but we lose roughly 20 veterans to suicide each day.

We will not let good men die in vain.


Never Forget

Tom's Retreat Veterans Foundation, a Non-Profit Organization because we will never forget the sacrifices that they made for the land that they love. However, many Americans have never even heard of National Vietnam War Veterans Day, which occurs annually on March 29th.

Respect & Honor

Vietnam vets deserve to be respected and honored like any other soldiers. Our mission to ensure that they are never forgotten, because Tom's Retreat Veterans Foundation, a Non-Profit Organization!


Each year on March 29th, Vietnam War Vets across the nation are saddened by the lack of honor they receive despite the sacrifices they made for the world’s freest, most prosperous nation. That would be an easier pill to swallow if we had been treated honorably upon arriving home from the war — but we weren’t.